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20 Excellent customer satisfaction survey questions

The most challenging part of obtaining customer feedback from your clients is knowing what kind of questions to ask to collect the correct information. Today, we want to share some examples of customer satisfaction surveys so that you have a better idea of ​​what to ask.

It's common to get overwhelmed when it comes to writing the questions we should ask our clients. The reality is that it is not an easy task. Making sure you ask the right questions in a survey, and getting the correct answers, takes great focus and dedication.

Of course, many times, it is not necessary to survey from scratch. But in case you're still unsure and still keep in mind the way you should write the questions for your survey, then I suggest you continue reading this article to get some fantastic tips related to how you should write a complete survey. Some leading survey software providers offer expert-written customer satisfaction survey templates that you can use to your benefit.

Examples of good customer satisfaction survey questions:

Survey questions to measure customer service

Make sure that your clients always receive the best assistance and the best service from your service team. Here are some different types of questions to include in your survey. Keep in mind that multiple-choice questions help gather a better data set as compared to 'single select' or 'rating scale' questions.

  1. Was it easy for you to reach out to our service representative for assistance?

  2. Are you delighted and satisfied with our representative managed your request?

  3. Did our customer service department professionally resolve your problem?

  4. Did our service representative offer an easy and suitable solution/response within a reasonable time?

  5. How many people helped you today?

  6. Was our representative bright when communicating with you?

  7. Do you think that our representative had sufficient knowledge to answer your question?

  8. Do you believe our representative had a complete understanding of the company's products and policies?

  9. Do you consider that our representative was courteous and professional when communicating with you?

  10. Did our representative make you feel that you are a valuable customer to the organization?

Survey questions to measure customer loyalty

The NPS ( Net promoter score ) is one of the great examples of customer satisfaction surveys. It helps understand your loyalty, but in addition to this question, these are others related to customer loyalty. client:

  1. How likely are you to recommend our products or services to your family, friends or colleagues?

  2. Will you use our products or services for any of your needs in the future?

  3. Do you plan to buy similar products for our company in the future?

  4. Do you feel a sense of loyalty to our brand?

  5. Are you interested in receiving additional information about our future products?

Survey questions to collect feedback around customer marketing

Open-ended questions with the open text option really help marketers collect detailed feedback from the survey respondents for measuring customer satisfaction. The following questions are related to the marketing area, but they will be of great help in your quest to achieve your audience's satisfaction:

  1. How did you hear about our products/services?

  2. Do you want to leave us your comments to know how to improve our products/services?

  3. Are you following us on social media? If yes, what are the social media platforms where you follow us?

  4. Have you subscribed to our newsletters/emails?

  5. What is the most crucial value addition that you, as a customer, receive from our product?

If you need more clarity about the best ways to measure customer satisfaction, here are our proven top 5 ways of measuring customer satisfaction.

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