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Top 5 employee satisfaction survey templates & examples

Employee satisfaction refers to the happiness levels of the employees based on the fulfillment of their professional desires and career objectives. A lot of leading studies support the theory that employee satisfaction indeed plays an important role in motivating them and encouraging the employee's morale at the workplace. The most effective method of measuring employee satisfaction is by conducting efficient employee satisfaction surveys.

How do you conduct a great employee satisfaction survey?

Simply choose for our top five sample survey questionnaires for conducting employee surveys. These can be used by small, medium, and large scale organizations including the popular people consulting agencies. Here we have assessed and shortlisted the top five employee satisfaction survey templates that are suitable for any business and industry type.

Here are the top five employee satisfaction survey templates that are free!

1. Typeform's employee satisfaction survey template

With 25 carefully drafted questions, Typeform offers a versatile and comprehensive approach to measure employee satisfaction. This survey questionnaire has a good design and can be used generally by any organization, big or small. The use of different question types across the template certainly makes it more engaging for the audience. This is the most suitable for organizations with a strength between 50 and 200.

Overall: 4.5⭐ | Ease: 4.5⭐ | Design: 4.5⭐ | Questions: 25

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

2. SurveyMonkey's employee satisfaction survey template

SurveyMonkey's employee satisfaction questionnaire is simple and straightforward. The questions are mostly single-select with limited but good answer options. While the survey could have been more comprehensive, this is an ideal sample survey to be directed to small and mid-scale organizations with 200-500 employees.

Overall: 4⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 4⭐ | Questions: 14

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

3. QuestionPro's employee satisfaction survey template

QuestionPro's ESAT survey questionnaire is the only one with an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey question. The design is engaging with some well-advanced question types spread across the questionnaire. This forms an excellent choice for advanced surveys wherein the employees have to respond to these at regular intervals, usually every quarter. This sample survey is best suited for larger organizations with a strength of 500+ employees.

Overall: 4⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 4⭐ | Questions: 18

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

4. SurveyGizmo's employee happiness survey template

SurveyGizmo's questionnaire is one that is best suited for business entities that conduct such surveys once in a while. With a decent design and a good question set, it demands the respondents to put in some effort in understanding and answering the questions. Shorter and simpler questions would make it a breeze for the respondents. This survey is most suited for organizations looking to conduct occasional surveys and with a workforce anywhere between 200-500.

Overall: 3.5⭐ | Ease: 3.5⭐ | Design: 3.5⭐ | Questions: 17

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

5. Honestly's employee satisfaction survey template

Honestly's survey example has a simple, neat design with an extremely simple UI. The questions are well-drafted and intend to collect a broader level of information about the employee's happiness levels. With no advanced questions within this survey, it is best suited for small and mid-scale organizations that are looking to evaluate their staff happiness levels.

Overall: 3.5⭐ | Ease: 3.5⭐ | Design: 3.5⭐ | Questions: 22

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

Note: Our ratings are based on a five-point scale and some of the question types within these templates might require users to upgrade to a paid version.

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