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Top 5 free customer satisfaction survey templates

Customer satisfaction is a measurement that helps determine the happiness level of your customers with regards to your products, services, and overall experience. Conducting CSAT surveys and collecting data in the form of feedback from your customers is the best way to measure this.

How do you conduct a great customer satisfaction survey?

Simple, use industry-leading and well-designed survey templates offered by various survey tools. Here we have assessed and shortlisted the top six customer satisfaction survey templates that are suitable for any business and industry type.

Five excellent customer satisfaction survey templates that are free!

1. QuestionPro's CSAT survey template

QuestionPro has a beautiful UI and a very easy to use interface. With an NPS question and a couple of other advanced question types, this will hands-down help users collect the most insightful information and data from the respondents. The questionnaire is well-thought-out and suitable for use across any industry.

Here's how this fares on our scale:

Overall: 4.5⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 4.5⭐ | Questions: 18

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

2. SoGoSurvey's CSAT survey template

While you may not enjoy the design or UI of this template, the questions are very well drafted and can be used across multiple industries and domains. This misses out on the NPS question, which is one of the most important questions to ask in a CSAT survey. Here's our scoring for this CSAT questionnaire on a five-point scale.

Overall: 4⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 3.5⭐ | Questions: 14

Mobile friendly: Yes Free version: Yes

3. SurveyMonkey's CSAT survey template

SurveyMonkey's customer satisfaction survey template is simple, elegant and the most suitable one for SMEs and startups. The questions are carefully drafted and the UI is friendly and easy to use. This questionnaire leads with the NPS question type and doesn't really have any other advanced question types in there.

Overall: 4⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 3.5⭐ | Questions: 10

Mobile friendly: Yes Free version: Yes

4. Zoho Survey's CSAT survey template

Zoho offers two questionnaires, one directed to measure the product satisfaction levels and the other to measure the service satisfaction levels. The UI and questions are simple, easy to use. From a respondent's perspective, the awe or appeal of responding to this survey is absent, due to its look and feel when compared to the other competitors. Here's how this questionnaire fares on our scale:

Overall: 3.5⭐ | Ease: 4⭐ | Design: 3⭐ | Questions: 9

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

5. Typeform's CSAT survey template

Typeform has a decent UI and design with the custom background options but needs to improve the questionnaire with the help of more quantitative and insight-driven questions. The template is industry-specific and users may have to update the questions and answer options in there before being able to send it out. Here's how we rate it:

Overall: 3.5⭐ | Ease: 3.5⭐ | Design: 3⭐ | Questions: 19

Mobile friendly: Yes

Free version: Yes

Note: Our ratings are based on a five-point scale and some of the question types within these templates might require users to upgrade to a paid version.

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